2014 South Central Regional Minutes

Regional Meeting February 22, 2014
DFW Working Dog Club Training Clubhouse
Seagoville, Texas

Call to Order at 3:40 PM and Roll Call

SCR Regional Board:

Regional Director-Dr. Dena McGowan Here

Assistant Regional Director-Julia Grayson Here

Regional Secretary-Betty Thomas Here

Regional Treasurer-Sunny Moore Absent

Regional Breed Warden-Carla Griffith Here

Regional Training Director-Rob Dunn Here

SCR Regional Clubs

Alamo Working Dog Club-Barry Badders Here

Austin Schutzhund Club-Danny Grayson Here

Cajun Team Schutzhund Club-Rene Gelsomino Absent

Cypress Working Dogs-Kat Richard Here

DFW Working Dogs-Stan Covington Here

Endeavor Schutzhund Club-Marsha Boggs Absent

Greater Dallas Working Dog Club-Kathy May Here

Greater Houston Schutzhund Club-Jim Fallon Here

Greater New Orleans Schutzhund Assoc.-David Billiot Absent

Lone Star Schutzhund Club-Jessy Gabriel Here

New Mexico Hundesport SchH Club-Kevin Sheldahl Absent

O.G. Valencia Schutzhund Verein-Scott Zwart Absent

Renegade Working Dog Club-Ann Grimm Absent

San Gabriel Hund Verein-Dave Kroyer Here

United Fido SchH Club-Todd Neece Absent

Wild West Working Dogs-Diana Dennis Absent


Motion by Danny to accept 2013 Regional Meeting Minutes.  Second by Julia.

Minutes Approved.


Discussion limited to 3 minutes per delegate.  Must be club representative to 

speak/or vote.


Regional Director-Dr. Dena McGowan

It has been a year of growth for the South Central Region.

Alamo WDC in San Antonio did their affiliation last April.  They just held a trial and 

show for their first official event.

On my way to Nationals in CA, I stopped off on Oct. 26 and did the affiliation trial for 

Wild West WDC in El Paso.

On Dec. 28 the Renegade WDC in San Antonio did their affiliation trial.

The next weekend on Jan. 4 Cypress WDC in Lafayette did their affiliation trial.

In the near future the Louisiana IPO Club in Ponchatoula will be doing their 

affiliation trial.

I wish all new clubs continued success.

We did lose one club, Big Country SchH Club in Albany, Tx.

On the National scene, the new website is up, but still a work in progress.  And how 

do you like those new membership cards?

I wish everyone success tomorrow.

Assistant Regional Director-Julia Grayson

Congratulations to our new clubs.  I went to Alamo WDC and they did a show and a 

trial the same weekend.  They did a very nice job.  I appreciate Linda Guidry and all 

her work on the website.  We will be updating the website.  If you have any 

questions, call me or send me a note.

Regional Secretary-Betty Thomas

If you change your delegate to the regional meeting, your contact person has to be 

the one to let the regional secretary know.  I also would like to welcome all the new 


Regional Treasurer-Sunny Moore

Balance on December 31, 2012 was$4661.47.  In 2013 we collected  $879.15. We 

paid $250 to 2013 Regional Conformation Show.  Balance on December 31,2013 was 

$5290.62.  We paid $250 to 2014 Regional Championship event.  Balance on 

February 22, 2014 is $5040.62.  2013 dues were received from the following clubs:  

Alamo WDC, Austin SchH Club, Big Country SchH Club, Cajun Team SchH, Coastal 

Bend SchH Club, DFW Working Dogs, Endeavor SchH Club, Greater Dallas WDC, 

Greater Houston SchH Club, Greater New Orleans SchH Club, Lone Star SchH Club, 

New Mexico Hundesport SchH Club, O.G. Valencia SchH Verein, Renegade WDC, San 

Gabriel Hund Verein, United Fido SchH Club, Wild West Working Dogs.  Filed 2012 

Small Business Tax Exempt Return in May 2013. Filed 2012 Franchise Tax Return in 

May 2013.

Regional Breed Warden-Carla Griffith

Several things are being discussed in the breed advisory committee about starting to 

get show ratings for the working dogs. USA is sending a trophy to each region for the 

High Breed Surveyed dog at the regional championship.  Include that information on 

your entry forms.  It is part of your dog’s titles.

Regional Training Director-Rob Dunn

Welcome to all the new clubs and thank Greater Dallas for hosting the Regional 

Championship.  This is a very nice facility.


Alamo Working Dog Club:  We started training in early 2012.  We had some 

growing pains and we do now have a nice solid group.  Barry Badders is board chair 

and Jimmy Dalton is training director.  Linda Williams is our treasurer.  Our 

affiliation trial was in April and we thank Dena for coming to do that.  At our trial we 

had 11 Bh with 10 passes, several AD’s, a Sch 1 and SchH3.  Johannes Greves was 

our judge and did a good job.

Austin Schutzhund Club:  Kim and Leia- BH;  Richard and Ferro-IPO 3 and Second 

at Regionals, High HOT;  Julia and Faith-SG1;  Kathy and Gus-AD;  Windy-Lucas SG1, 

Hans V1;  Chad and Witch-BH; Charles and Link-BH.  We have young dogs and we 

are improving.

Cypress Working Dog Club:  We have a small tight knit group.  In our group we 

have GSD, Malinois, and Rotweilers.  Our team works well together.

DFW Working Dogs:  Diane, Dawn, and Donna have all titled dogs this year.  We are 

happy to be a part of this and helping Greater Dallas put this on.

Greater Dallas Working Dog Club:  Congratulations to Chris for placing 6th at 

Nationals.  Thank you to DFW for their help.  We couldn’t have done this without 


Greater Houston Working Dog Club:  We have 5 young dogs coming up for SchH 1.  

Lee Hendricks is our helper and you will be hearing from us next year.

Lone Star Schutzhund Club:  We had a couple of IPO 3’s.  Tom and John Wayne 

have IPO3 and his breed survey.  Donna showed at regionals and got her IPO 3.  Gary 

got his IPO 3 and Katy got a BH.

San Gabriel Hund Verein:  Mark was 4th in Nationals with a score of 97, 99, 96.  

Dave got an IPO 1 with his dog and Betty got an IPO 3 with Ingolf.

Wild West Working Dog Club:  We are a brand new club.  We did our affiliation 

trial and we have a trial coming up on March 15 with Bob Johantgen as our Judge.



1. 2014 Regional Championship Show:  Austin interested but will have to let us 

know.  Need to find a judge and a venue.

2. 2015 Regional Championship:  DFW interested-venue is excellent, good 

tracking.  San Gabriel and Lone Star and Austin would like to have it in Hutto-

good tracking and stadium.  Call for vote.Vote by secret ballot. 2015 Regional 

Championship will be in Hutto. Vote 10-3.

3. 2015 Regional Confirmation Show: No one volunteers.  Table

4. Motion to pre-select the helpers for Regionals by Jessy.  Discussion. Danny 

seconds.  Motion passes.

5. Motion to have 4 teaching helpers and 1 person from the host club to pre-

select no more than 4 helpers for Regionals made by Jessy.  Julia seconds. 

Motion passesl

Discussion on qualifications of helpers trying out. 

6. Motion made by Jessy that helpers at the tryouts for Regionals will be 

selected by 2 teaching helpers and a club representative picked by the host 

club.  Dave Kroyer seconds.  Motion passed.


Greater Houston is hosting a helper seminar with Charles Otteson and Danny 

Grayson in Baytown.


Motion made by Danny and seconded by Jim Fallon to adjourn.

Meeting adjourned at 4:35 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Betty Thomas

Regional Secretary