2016 South Central Regional Minutes

January 16, 2016
DFW Working Dogs
Cloverhill TX

The South Central Region Annual meeting was called to order at 5:30 p.m. The meeting was held at DFW Working Dogs, 15500 Cloverhill Rd, Dallas Texas 75253. The Agenda for the meeting, which was circulated on 15 December 2015, via email, to all regional club contacts, is included as Attachment A to these Meeting Minutes.


Officers Present:
Director – Dr. Dena McGowan
Assistant Director – Julia Grayson
Secretary – Barry Badders
Training Director – Rob Dunn
Breed Warden – Jennifer Aguilar
Officers Absent:
Treasurer – Sunny Moore
Club Delegates Present:
Alamo Working Dog Club – Charlene Grace
DFW Working Dogs – Randall Hoadley
Greater Dallas Working Dog Club – Betty Thomas
Lone Star Schutzhund Club – Jessy Gabriel
San Gabriel Hund Verein – Dave Kroyer
United Fido Schutzhund Club – Jessica Ingram
Wild West Working Dogs – Krystina Boozer
Club Delegates Absent:
Austin Schutzhund Club – (Julia Grayson was present but there was no delegate)
Cajun Team Schutzhund Club – Rene Gelsomino
Cypress Working Dogs – Laney Lejeune
Endeavor Schutzhund Club – Marsha Boggs
Greater Houston Schutzhund Club – (Dr, Dena McGowan was present but there was no delegate)
Louisiana IPO – Ed Sanders
New Mexico Hundesport – Cheri Clark
O.G. Valencia Schutzhund Verein – Scott Zwart
Renegade Working Dog Club – Scott Thomas
United Schutzhund Club of Houston – Dee Raiffeisen
A quorum was not present.

The minutes from the previous meeting were approved without comment or change.

Report from Regional Director was provided by Dr. Dena McGowan:
Dena reported that there is a new full club in Houston, the Greater Houston Schutzhund Club, which brings the Region to 17 full member clubs. There is a new club forming, Southern Great Plains Schutzhund Club in Lubbock, organized by Gary Johnson. Dena gave the floor to Gary to brief the Region on their development. Gary reported that they are planning their affiliation trial on July 2, 2016.
Report from Assistant Regional Director was provided by Julia Grayson:
The regional website is up and running. Please submit your trial results and stories to Julia to keep the website current. Julia deferred to Sean O’Kane to discuss the current flood situation at the main office. He also commented on the increase in clubs with the closing of the WDA and briefed on the status of the current law suit, which is currently in discovery, with motions going back and forth.
Report from Secretary was provided by Barry Badders:
Barry reported that he is just getting started with the role and thanked everyone for the opportunity.
Report from Treasurer: The treasurer was not present.
There was no treasurer report presented. However, the report was provided following the meeting and is included as Attachment B of this report.
Report from Training Director was provided by Rob Dunn:
Rob thanked the DFW Working Dog Club for hosting the Regional Championship. DFW held the Regional Helper Workshop and had to deal with some weather challenges. There are a lot of new helpers getting active and getting up to speed.
Report from Regional Breed Warden was provided by Jennifer Aguilar:
The breed advisory committee is working on some things she does not agree with but progress is being made.

Each of the following club’s delegates provided a report:
Alamo Working Dog Club – Charlene Grace for Barry Badders:
Alamo Working Dog Club held a trial in January of 2015 and it was reported on the last club report. Jimmy Dalton continues as training director. There is trial planed for February 20, 2016, hosting Judge Andrea Duggan. AWDC would like to be considered for hosting the Regional Confirmation Show in April 2016 and the Regional IPO Championship in 2017.
Austin Schutzhund Club - Julia Grayson for Daniel Grayson:
Chip Langford, a long standing club member, passed this year. Windy and both her girls earned their bronze metals this year. Both girls handled dogs at a national event. Georgia and Vice got their IPO1, Chad and Witch got their IPO1 and a show rating, Natasha and Giea got a BH, Julia and Faith got a BH, and Cynthia and Victor got a BH and show rating.
DFW Working Dogs - Randall Hoadley:
DFW showed 39 times with 85% pass rate. There were five members that showed at the 2015 Nationals. DFW had seminars with Debbie Zappia and Wallace Payne. Fourteen people participated in the helper seminar and six receive their basic rating.
Greater Dallas Working Dogs – Betty Thomas for Carla Griffith:
Greater Dallas Working Dog Club had a trial in October 2015. Chis went to nationals with his dog and Mellodee got a BH.
Greater Houston SchH Club – Dr. Dena McGowan:
Greater Houston Schutzhund Club held its trial as part of a three club, three day weekend. Lee and Kula got an IPO 1, Doug and Boy got an IPO1, and Dena and Obi got an IPO1. Julian Clement is coming for a seminar February 26, 27, and 28 2016 in Baytown.
Kim Sullivan was struck by a vehicle and killed while putting her dog away after training. She was long time participant in the Region and well liked by all.
Lee found a deserted park where the club is going to move training to.
Lone Star Schutzhund Club - Jessy Gabriel:
Lone Star Schutzhund Club had several members get titles this year. Katy got an IPO1 with her dog, Jessy got an IPO1 with Link and a BH with Zora. Rob showed Tristian at the Regionals, Nationals, WDC, and Sieger Show, and won 2015 Universal Sieger. Rob then showed at the world team in Italy and as a team ended up in 5th place.
San Gabriel Hund Verein - Dave Kroyer:
San Gabriel Hund Verein is in a rebuilding stage. Dave’s malinois got Brevet and French Ring 1. Dave and Archer won the 2015 Regional Championship. Dave and Archer showed at the qualifier and made the world team in Finland. Dave and Archer also showed at the USCA National Championship.
United Fido Schutzhund Club – Jessica Ingram for Clement Dang:
United Fido Schutzhund Club held a helper seminar in 2015, there were a couple BH’s earned through the year and Julian Clement is coming for a seminar on March 4, 5, and 6, 2016.
Wild West Working Dogs - Krystina Boozer for Angie Morgan:
Wild West Working Dogs held a 3 day trial and show. There were 21 entries for the trial, 18 for the show, and 3 breed surveys. There are 9 members. This year 7 BHs, 1 IPO1, and 3 ADs were earned. A conformation show is planned for March with Judge Karen MacIntyre.


Alamo Working Dog Club would like to host the Regional Conformation Show for 2016. A quorum is not present so no vote was cast.
Alamo Working Dog Club would like to host the IPO Regional Championship. A quorum is not present so no vote was cast.
An email ballot would be circulated on both items at a later date.
Randal reminded everyone that the helpers in the region need more opportunities to work dogs in trials and we have to find a way to get the helpers experience so they can improve.