2017 South Central Regional Minutes

January 7, 2017
San Antionio Schutzhund Club
San Antonio TX

On 7 January 2017, the South Central Region Annual meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m.  The meeting was held at Rodriguez Park - 2060 Rodriguez Road San Antonio Texas 78227.  The Agenda for the meeting, which was circulated on 6 December 2016, via email, to all regional club contacts, is included as Attachment A to these Meeting Minutes.

Roll Call:

Officers Present:

Director – Dr. Dena McGowan

Assistant Director – Julia Grayson

Secretary – Barry Badders

Training Director – Rob Dunn

Officers Absent:

Treasurer – Sunny Moore

Breed Warden – Jennifer Aguilar

Club Delegates Present:

.Alamo Working Dog Club – Linda Honeysuckle

.Austin Schutzhund Club – Julia Grayson

.C3 Hundesport – Rey Rodriguez

.Cajun Team Schutzhund Club – Cindi Etheridge

.Cypress Working Dogs – Diana Dennis 

.DFW Working Dogs – Mike Conn

.Greater Dallas Working Dog Club – Dave Kroyer

.Greater Houston Schutzhund Club – Jim Fallon

.Lone Star Schutzhund Club – Jessy Gabriel

.Louisiana IPO – Ed Sanders

.Renegade Working Dog Club – Scott Thomas

.Schutzhund Club of San Antonio – Kathy Vasquez

.United Fido Schutzhund Club – Clement Dang

.United Schutzhund Club of Houston – Dee Raiffeisen

.Wild West Working Dogs – Angie Morgan

Club Delegates Absent:

.Endeavor Schutzhund Club – Amanda Gibbs

.New Mexico Hundesport Schutzhund Club – Shannon Farrell

.OG Valencia Schutzhund Verein – Jeff Lehmkuhl

.Southern High Plains Schutzhund Club – Gary Johnson


A quorum was present.

Approval of Previous Minutes:

The minutes from the previous meeting were approved without comment or change.

Officer Reports:

Report from Regional Director was provided by Dr. Dena McGowan:

Dena commented on the Regional location and praised Alamo and United Fido’s teamwork together. Dena reported that since the 2016 Regional meeting, the region has welcomed 2 new clubs, Southern High Plains and Schutzhund Club of San Antonio. Unfortunately, we also lost some clubs along the way, one several years ago, one in the last year and as of right now Southern High Plains stands as not a club but they are in the process of fixing that quickly. Renegades Working Dog club did drop to Affiliation status but because the club has done so much in the past, Dena reported that she provided them with a waiver allowing them to stay as a full member club.

Report from Assistant Regional Director was provided by Julia Grayson:

Julia commented on the tension in the region over the few weeks leading up to the regional meeting. She stated that she does not feel that the region is in a bad place and feels that she has done a lot for the regional clubs behind the scenes. Julia suggested to the clubs that if the need for help arises to please ask for it and provided several examples of people who are there such as Rob Dunn, Danny Grayson and Randall Hoadley. The website is up and running and she commented that if anyone has any advice or input on the website to let her know. She requested for help and asked that to make the website better, to provide trial results, helper classification results and upcoming events.    

Report from Secretary was provided by Barry Badders:

Barry reported that he writes agendas and writes meetings. He also mentioned that when it came to club reports that he will go off of the roll call list.   

Report from Treasurer:  The treasurer was not present.

The report was provided before the meeting and is included as Attachment B of this report.

Report from Training Director was provided by Rob Dunn:

Rob thanked Alamo and United Fido for hosting the Regional Event and commented on the great success of the trial. He agreed with Assistant Regional Director, Julia Grayson, that the region always seems to fall to pieces a couple weeks before the Regional Championship and until then, he never hears any concerns or comments. He advised to the clubs present to help each other out on club training nights and if you require help to reach out and attend seminar events. Clement Dang and Julia Grayson thanked Rob Dunn for providing a last minute Helper Certification to helpers that had enough dogs in their book but needed to be reclassified.

Report from Regional Breed Warden: The Regional Breed Warden was not present.

There was no breed warden report presented.

Club Reports:

Each of the following club’s delegates provided a report:

Alamo Working Dog Club – Linda Honeysuckle:

Alamo thanked the region for the opportunity to co-host the Regional Championship with United Fido and stated that the event is a lot more work than realized. Barry Badders suggested that if any club wishes to host a Regional event, the main point of contact for the event should also have competed at that same level so that the little details would not be overlooked. He thanked the judge, tracklayers and United Fido for the help and guidance. Alamo had a trial February 2016 and Tanya Yost received her IPO1. There was a massive growth in the club, which led to an amicable split with members becoming Schutzhund Club of San Antonio.

Austin Schutzhund Club - Julia Grayson:

Austin had a fun year with several dogs getting titles including: Cynthia-IPO1, Georgia-IPO2 and IPO3, Chad-IPO2 and IPO3 and Rich-BH.

C3 Hundesport - Rey Rodriguez:

C3 Hundesport has supplied dogs to helper seminars and affiliation trials. They worked with USCA to implement a rule change that will allow for Breed Surveys to count in helper’s books. They hosted the 2016 Regional Conformation Show with 55 entries. Morgan and Gabriela Pool earned gold medal status with USCA and achieved VP1 and V1 ratings in conformation shows. Windy Pool earned an AD, BH, SG1 on her dog, Token.

Cajun Team Schutzhund Club - Cindi Etheridge:

Cajun reported that they achieved a couple IPO titles and they have a trial coming up.

Cypress Working Dogs - Diana Dennis:

Cypress welcomed a couple new members this year. They held a very successful helper seminar in October with Danny Grayson. They plan to host a trial later in 2017.

DFW Working Dogs – Mike Conn:

DFW reported a very successful training seminar and tracking seminar.

Greater Dallas Working Dogs – Dave Kroyer:

Greater Dallas reported 2016 to be a rebuilding year for the club, with several young dogs. Chris Aucoin showed at the WDC for his IPO3.

Greater Houston SchH Club – Jim Fallon:

At their trial in 2016, Doug received his IPO1 and Wendy got a BH on two dogs. Their training field is currently under construction. They also hosted a very successful NePoPo seminar.

Lone Star SchH Club - Jessy Gabriel:

Rob and Tristan obtained their FH title with 100 points and competed at the Sieger show and the WUSV World Championship. Jessy got her IPO1 on Isa and with Xora she got her IPO1, IPO2, 3 IPO3’s, AD, 13TH place at the Nationals, FH, Show and Breed Survey. Jessy was also team captain for the WUSV team. Dave and Anton were Regional Champions at the 2016 Regional Event, competed in the WDC with Anton, qualified for Nationals and got 4th place advancing to the WUSV qualification trial in 2017. Club members achieved the following titles: Jordan got a BH on his first dog, Maria got 2 BH and 1 APR2, and Katherine got an OB1. Jessy also mentioned that their Sunday trainings are open to whoever wishes to make the drive.

Renegade Working Dog Club – Scott Thomas:

Scott reported that they have an event pending in April with Judge Arthur Collins.

Schutzhund Club of San Antonio – Kathy Vasquez:

Kathy reported that they began training in May and became affiliated in September. Members have completed 3 BH and 1 FH with goals to continue training and titling.

Southern High Plains – Cynthia Schuster for Gary Johnson:

Cynthia reported that Gary became a classified club level helper and obtained a BH on his dog.

United Fido Schutzhund Club –Clement Dang:

Clement reported that the club recently had 6 BH dogs, 4 IPO1 and 3 IPO3 at their December trial.

United SchH Club of Houston - Dee Raiffeisen:

Dee reported that they hosted a helper classification with Danny Grayson. They also hosted a seminar with Mario Gomez and a tracking seminar with Chris Bettin. Club members have achieved an IPO1 and IPO2 and members have also competed in AKC events and have been successful. 

Wild West Working Dogs - Angie Morgan:

Angie reported several members achieving AKC legs and titles. Their spring trial was a success with many new titles. Angie stated that the club is very proud of their young handlers and pointed out that both a 6 year old and a 15 year old competed and passed their BH. Their members have also participated in many community service events including, police training courses and AKC stewards. They held a Helper Seminar with Danny Grayson in October and had 3 helpers certified. In November they had a Trial and Conformation Show, which was both a success and failure.

Unfinished Business:


New Business:

Election of Regional Officers:

Regional Director – Dr. Dena McGowan and Windy Pool were nominated for Regional Director. Ballots were circulated and Dr. Dena McGowan was elected as Regional Director.

Assistant Regional Director – There was a nomination for Julia Grayson and no other nominations were made.  No vote was necessary so Julia Grayson was elected by acclamation.

Regional Secretary – Krystina Boozer and Barry Badders were nominated for Secretary. Barry Badders declined nomination and no other nominations were made. No vote was necessary so Krystina Boozer was elected as new Secretary.

Regional Treasurer – Sunny Moore was not present and did not wish to continue as Treasurer. Mike Conn was nominated for treasurer and no other nominations were made.  No vote was necessary so Mike Conn was elected by acclamation.

Regional Breed Warden – Jennifer Aguilar and Windy Pool were nominated for Breed Warden. Ballots were circulated and Jennifer Aguilar was elected as Breed Warden.

Regional Training Director – Rob Dunn was nominated as Training Director and no other nominations were made.  No vote was necessary so Rob Dunn was elected by acclamation.

New Motions:

2017 Regional Conformation Show Hosting Club – DFW Working Dog Club and Schutzhund Club of San Antonio volunteered to host the 2017 Regional Conformation. Each club delegate presented a case for hosting. Schutzhund Club of San Antonio was voted to host by acclamation.

2018 SCR Regional IPO Championship Hosting Club – Lone Star Schutzhund Club volunteered to host the 2018 SCR Regional IPO Championship. No other clubs volunteered. Lone Star Schutzhund Club was voted to host by acclamation.

Meeting Adjourned