2018 South Central Regional Minutes

Jan 26-28, 2018
Lonestar Schutzhund Club
Leander TX

Minutes of Annual Region Meeting 27 January 2018

On 27 January 2018, the South Central Region Annual meeting was called to order at 4:00 p.m. The meeting was held at Williamson County Regional Park, 3005 CR 175, Leander, TX 78641. The Agenda for the meeting, which was circulated on 16 January 2018, via email, to all regional club contacts, is included as Attachment A to these Meeting Minutes.


Officers Present:

  • Director – Dr. Dena McGowan Assistant Director – Julia Grayson Secretary – Krystina Boozer Training Director – Rob Dunn
  • Officers Absent:
  • Treasurer – Mike Conn
  • Breed Warden – Jennifer Aguilar Club Delegates Present:
  • Acadiana Schutzhund Club – Linda Quidry Alamo Working Dog Club – Barry Badders Austin Schutzhund Club – Daniel Grayson
  • Greater Dallas Working Dog Club – Betty Thomas Greater Houston Schutzhund Club – Jim Fallon Lone Star Schutzhund Club – Jessy Gabriel Renegade Working Dog Club – Ann Grimm Schutzhund Club of San Antonio – Kathy Vasquez United Fido Schutzhund Club – Clement Dang
  • United Schutzhund Club of Houston – Dee Raiffeisen Wild West Working Dogs – Diana Dennis
  • Club Delegates Absent:
  • C3 Hundesport – Troy Bruner
  • Cajun Team Schutzhund Club – Rene Gelsomino Cypress Working Dogs – Laney Lejeune
  • DFW Working Dogs – Randall Hoadley Endeavor Schutzhund Club – Amanda Gibbs Louisiana IPO – Ed Sanders
  • New Mexico Hundesport Schutzhund Club – Shannon Farrell OG Valencia Schutzhund Verein – Jeff Lehmkuhl

A quorum was present, however, as the deadline for the agenda was missed, it was unanimously decided to vote for new business via email ballots so that all regional clubs be included.


The minutes from the previous meeting were approved without comment or change.


Report from Regional Director was provided by Dr. Dena McGowan:

We now have 19 full member clubs in the region, with the addition of Acadiana Schutzhund Club in Lafayette, Louisiana. Benjamin Cadena and his club Lobo Loco in New Braunfels, Texas are well on their way to becoming an affiliated club. There are also three forming groups in Las Cruces, New Mexico, Amarillo, Texas and New Orleans, Louisiana. If all these clubs becoming official, we will have a total of 23 clubs in the region. Unfortunately, that does bring up the problem of not trying to have events of close clubs on top of each other.

We currently have two teaching helpers in the region, Danny Grayson and Rob Dunn. Although we did have five at one point. I would like to put the call out to some of other qualified individuals to step up and increase this number.

Alamo Working Dog Club did a great job at hosting the 2017 South Central Regional Championships. I enjoyed visiting with judge Mike Caputo and congrats to those who did well and better luck this year to those who didn’t. My only complaint was that it could have been warmer for the Regional Meeting.

Schutzhund Club of San Antonio hosted the 2017 South Central Regional Conformation Show and had a record number of entries. Also, a very well ran event and it was nice to see people from other clubs pitching in to help. And how many times do you get to run an AD with snow on the ground in Texas?

Also, thanks to Andrea Duggan for stepping up to judge the AD. Looking forward to another year of growth and success in our clubs and good luck to the competitors in tracking tomorrow.

Report from Assistant Regional Director was provided by Julia Grayson:

Concerning the South Central Regional Website, either we like it, or we don’t. Regional members are not sending anything to be put up and if that’s the case, it’s wasted money and time. If you or a club member accomplished something and want it to be recognized, send the information to me and I will put it up on the website.

That url is: http://southcentralregion.com/

I would like to personally see a South Central Regional Facebook page as the two separate pages are confusing to many members in the region.

Other than that, I am very happy to see the nice number of entries into the Regional Championships and pleased to see everybody working together.

Report from Secretary was provided by Krystina:

I’m working on a folder that can be shared with the clubs in the region that will contain Power Points and walk through guides on how to properly fill out the paperwork for a trial and show. This will hopefully be up and running before the start of 2018-2019 Trial Season.

Report from Treasurer – Mike Conn: The treasurer was not present. No report to give. Report from

Training Director – Rob Dunn: No Report to give

Report from Regional Breed Warden – Jennifer Aguilar: The Regional Breed Warden was not present. No report to give.


Each of the following club’s delegates provided a report:

Acadiana Schutzhund Club

Just had their affiliation trial and is fixing to have their first trial.

Alamo Working Dog Club

As mentioned by Dr. Dena McGowan, they hosted the 2017 Regional Championships and it went well. Two weeks later they had their personal club trial and had a lot of BH’s. This year at their club trial they had 11 BH’s, 10 of which passed, 2 IPO1 dogs that both passed.

Austin Schutzhund Club

We had a lot of fun this year. The following teams received their BH’s: Georgia and Etsy, Jessica and Bria, Will and Grace, Kate and Grindel, Charlene and Catniss, Diana and Jager, Sherry and Axel. We’re excited because a lot of young dogs got their BH and are looking to their IPO1 now. Richard and Nox, Ron and Easton got their IPO1. Krystina and Gryphon got their OB1. Cynthia and Blake got their IPO2. Another thing that we’re proud of is that Ron Grace worked his first trial.

C3 Hundesport

Windy Pool and Token:

Competed in three countries at both club and regional levels earning Vs in both IPO and Conformation. Earned High in tracking, High in Protection on IPO1 and V3 at the 2017 Mid Central Regional Conformation Show and Breed Survey and V4 at the 2017 South Central Regional Conformation Show and Breed Survey. Additionally, earned a 2017-2018 Breed Survey. Is currently in Germany preparing to trial for IPO2 next weekend.

Robert Broussard and Riff:

Earned IPO 2 and IPO 3 titles. For IPO 2 title high in Protection IPO 2. For IPO 3 title high in trial, high in obedience, high in Protection.

C3 hosted a trial with judge Don Yelle and helpers Kevin Nguyen and Shawn Bell, which was a smashing success and we would like to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU to the Lonestar Schutzhund club for all their support!

Obviously we have new members and are progressing.

Cajun Team Schutzhund Club

We started out the year with 9 members and had our annual year trial with Andrea Duggan. On March 11th, Rene and her dog obtained their Breed Survey at Austin’s Conformation Show. By the end of the spring we lost 7 of our members but did gain more members during the summer. In October, club members Kirsten and Rene competed at the Cypress Working Dog Trial and earned a BH and IPO3 respectively. We’re excited to be building our club website and Instagram and encourage regional members to follow us.

Greater Dallas Working Dog Club

Present but unable to give report.

Greater Houston Schutzhund Club

We started 2017 off with a seminar with Clement Julian from Belgium and had a great time. It was Super Bowl weekend, so we ate a lot of pizza and played Laser games. Dee’s club with United Schutzhund Club had a spring trial on our field. We also had our annual trial the weekend before Thanksgiving and all our members competed and thank you to Julia for stepping in as trial secretary and Danny for stepping in for helper work when their helper got hurt. We ended the year with Jason and his dog getting a BH and IPO1. Jim got a BH, Doug and Boy got an FH. Lee and Kula got an IPO2.

Lonestar Schutzhund Club

We had a couple of new members get their IPO1’s, Amy, Catherine and Jordan. Jessy’s dog, Xora, was Universal Sieger in 2017 and represented the USA in Austria and competed at Nationals. Dave Kroyer made the FCI team, showed at the Working Dog Championships and Nationals.

Renegade Working Dog Club

We hosted a trial in April with judge Arthur Collins with 11 entries. Club member Tori and her dog Fury, got their TR1 in that trial. We’re kind of a in a rebuilding phase with a lot of club members starting with young dogs. We’re also training our 8th decoy to date out of that club and we’re also working on splitting a trial weekend with Schutzhund Club of San Antonio in March of this year.

Schutzhund Club of San Antonio

As mentioned, we hosted the 2017 South Central Regional Conformation Show, which was very successful, and we thank everyone for helping us with that. Our members have been busy titling. Kathy and Houston got their IPO1, IPO2, AD, and FH. Tanya and Quake, IPO2 and IPO3. Tara and her dog got their IPO2 and IPO3. Club members, Don, Keith and Benjamin got their BH’s. We also had 3 club members compete in this year’s Regionals. As Renegades stated, we are hosting a trial first weekend of March and a helper seminar at Lonestar February 17th.

United Fido Working Dog Club

We had members, Nicole earned her IPO1, IPO2 and IPO3. Shawn got his BH, IPO1 and IPO2. We had one gentleman, named Ron work hard and he got his IPO1. Clement and Lanzo got his AD, SG1 and Breed Survey at the Regional Conformation Show in San Antonio. Clement and Lanzo also got 6th place at the USCA Nationals.

United Schutzhund Club of Houston

Not a whole lot to report but we are having our annual club trial, February 24th. Thank you, Greater Houston, for letting us use your field for the trial as land is hard to come by in Houston. Our members are increasing and us to are rebuilding with young dogs, but we have enthusiastic people and are excited to move forward.

Wild West Working Dogs

Wild West had another busy year starting off with an RH workshop up in the mountains of New Mexico. Stephanie has agreed to come back out in April, so they are planning to host another workshop and encourage members to come out and participate. They had two new members join, both helpers (one from

Germany) who both got certified with Danny Grayson this past year. Club members have continued to help the El Paso Police department with dog awareness classes and as a result, shootings have decreased from an average of 9 dogs to last year’s low of only 2 dogs. They had their annual club trial with Andrea Duggan with a total of 22 entries, 5 of which were for the RH, and several people obtained their new titles. They are looking forward to another successful and fun year.




  • 2018 Regional Conformation Show: No nominations were made at this time – vote will be held via email ballot.
  • 2019 Regional Championships: No nominations were made at this time – vote will be held via email ballot.