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South Central Regional Universal Sieger and Siegerin - Motion and Results

Motion Passed  11-30-2018

  • Yes - 9 
  • No - 2
  • Abstain - 1
  • No Response - 6

Motion by Jennifer Aguilar and Dr. Dena McGowan:
I would like to make a motion to accept the following guideline to implement a Universal Sieger
and Siegerin for the South Central Region in beginning with the 2018 Regional Show and Breed
Survey and to include the 2018 Regional IPO Championship.

SCR Members at the 2018 Bundessiegerzuchtschau, Nürnberg Germany

A big CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who showed 

Special note to the Bartosh family and their VA2 Female Daizy v Ayla’s Aura

  • Karen and Tim Bartosh with: 

    • Daizy v Ayla’s Aura, VA2 Long Stock Female

    • Champ von Edelweiss, V Long Stock Males

    • Vestus vom Schloß Rügland, SG Young Dog, Long Stock Male

  • Helen Rich with:

    • Ian vom kleinen Zauberberg, VA3 Long Stock Male

    • Esra von der Burg Aliso, VA4 Long Stock Female

    • Grizzly vom Herbramer-Wald, SG Young Dog, Long Stock Male

  • Windy Pool,  Token v. Zauberwiesen, SG Working Females

  • Larry Vinzant with Daphne von Cohinor, SG Young Dog Female


Great Job Daizy v Ayla’s Aura! 

2018 WUSV Seiger Show - Diest Belguim

Congrats to Jessy and Xora for showing us such a great team!!!   Xora is Handler Owner Trained, Xora van Meerhout, IPO3, KK, FH 

                             Jessy and Xora, Rob Dunn and James Reyes                                     


2019 IPO Rule Changes

Hi all here is the information we received about the new rule changes - also, there aren't any pictures yet we will have to add them.


13, Place Albert 1er, B - 6530 Thuin (Belgique), tel : ++, fax :++, interne :

 International Utility Dogs Regulations


2018 USCA National Conformation Show

Congrats to Krystina Boozer for having her logo choosen for the 2018 USCA National Show & Breed Survey

2017 USCA Nationals and our Regional Members Results

6th Place - Clement and Lanzo Van Arne's Hoeve IPO3

10th Place - Jessy and Xora van Meerhout IPO3 and:

High Tracking 97
High Female
High XX (Female handled by a Female)

Pulled - Lousie Jollyman and Erica Force

Great Job everyone!!

2018 WDC Championship Logo Contest

Congrats to Krystina Boozer for her logo being choosen for the 2018 USCA Working Dog Championship!!

Jessy and Xora Compete in the 2017 WUSV Sieger Show

Xora is a Breeder, Handler, Owner Trained (BHOT) and Look who made the front cover of the USCA Magazine

Winners for 2016 South Central Region Show

Working Female (Stock Coat)

  • V. Indy vom Heralmaborg, IPO2, Owner Tia Otto

Working Female (Long Coat)

  • V. Elina vom Holtakamper Tor, IPO2, Owner: Karen Bartosh

Working Male (Stock Coat)

  • V. Enox vom Leithawald, IPO2, Owner: Michael and Kevin Nguyen

Working Male (Long Coat)

  • none entered